Toque Factory

I’ve been churning out the toques lately.

Inspired by the Fringe Association Hatalong series and facilitated by Dianna Walla, I have two Laurus‘ in reverse greys and a Moon Sprites in grey and yellow. These toques constitute my first true colourwork projects – I don’t count stripes as colourwork because there are no floats – and I can see the addictive potential. I’ve always considered myself a texture-phile instead of a chromo-phile, opting for cables and garter and moss over Fair Isle, but these guys have opened my eyes (and lengthened my Ravelry queue…).

I think worsted weight toques might become my go-to gifts. They’re fast and satisfying to make, basically one-size-fits-all, and always well-received.

There’s also a burgundy alpaca hat for my baby niece, along the lines of Nicole Reeve’s Republic Hat (made mine smaller, with different crown decreases, and with a pompom).


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