drylightningblog.wordpress.comI’d been avoiding participating in Very Shannon’s Summer Sweater Knitalong on two assumptions: one, that I prefer to work on smaller projects when it’s even remotely humid outside and two, that there was no way I would get a sweater done in time (excluding baby-sized ones). Then I whipped up a bunch of toques and before casting on for the next one I saw my third Fezziwig cardigan idling in a project bag.

I had messed up the pocket placement so I was going to have to do something about that and the only sleeve still needed a cuff. It was set aside when summer hit in favour of lighter, error-free projects.

It took several nights of work – finishing sleeves (boo!), fixing the pocket messes (double boo!), weaving in ends (yay! I actually kind of love that part…) – but it’s done now. Sure it’s a little too small, there’s a mistake in the cabling that I only noticed when I was photographing it, the pockets are “fixed” (read: passable, but far from subtle), but it will be a nice, warm layer for wearing around the house.



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