These were Christmas gifts for the niece and nephew.

Turns out his is ‘tickly’ (i.e., no more 100% wool garments for him) and hers contained a classic knitting faux pas: couldn’t fit over the head due to a too-tight cast-off edge.

On the bright side, the fit was spot-on for both!

I switched it up and did twisted rib instead of straight K1P1 on the pink one and I think I’ve convinced myself to make this my default 1×1 rib. I like it so much better and it seems to be sturdier somehow.

I also did the sleeves flat and then seamed them and this I will not be doing again. Definitely not a fan, despite worshipping following big proponents of the method.

Pattern is highly recommended. Besides the twisted rib, the only modification I made was to do a 2-stitch i-cord for the drawstring instead of a braid. Luckily I prefer the look of the i-cord because braiding hurts my hands in a uniquely unpleasant way.

(He still wears it, because he’s a very sweet boy. And hers was easily fixed with a quick unpick and re-do.)


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