Boler Baby

A very easy baby quilt for a very special baby.

I bought the fabric exclusively for the pattern – Bolers! – and the fact that it was organic cotton was just an added bonus…little did I know that it would be absurdly soft and nearly ruin me for other quilting cottons.

Well done, Birch: absolutely divine fabric.



Constellations Quilt

Another wedding quilt, made with beautiful fabric by Janet Clare (lines are Nocturne, Wordsmith, and More Hearty Good Wishes, if memory serves).

Just giant HSTs arranged randomly and then handquilted with big stitches of perle cotton.

Amy Butler Sweetheart Quilt One of the first (and sadly, probably, last) times I ordered fabric online was for this little cuddling quilt. For years I ordered all kinds of things and never had to pay duty, leading me to wrongly believe that it only applied to certain items or that there was a price limit that I was never exceeding…then I got stung repeatedly on large items and small, craft-related and not, and now I’m order-shy.

At the time, this fabric was so exciting for me – unlike anything I’d ever seen or could get my hands on locally – it was the fabric I’d enviously watched other sewing bloggers use. This was a wedding quilt, so the extra cost wasn’t a huge issue and the fabric was a real joy to use. Just simple 5×5″ squares, machine-quilted with straight lines (which was simple to do, but did seem to accentuate my inability to piece a decent corner).

I have attended a record number of weddings in the last 5 years. I shudder to do the math, but it’s something like 25 of them. For some of them I make a quilt, but never a big, proper, capital-letter Wedding Quilt. Always a rather small quilt, meant for cuddling on the couch. Bigger than a lap quilt, sure, but if two were to fit under it, they’d have to be snuggled in pretty tight, and it would be there more for comfort than for major warmth. I think I’m going to start calling them Sweetheart Quilts.

Wedding Cuddle Quilt

A couch quilt for a couple of great friends who got married a little while ago.

Birch Organic Fabric ‘Camp Sur’ panel as main, Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton as back, perle cotton for quilting. It doesn’t get much faster than this.

I spray basted with 505 and it will be hard to go back to pinning, even on a smaller guy like this. The spray is fast, easy, and it really stays put, even through multiple fold-up-and-jams into project bags.